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*phase 1 means chapter 1. not the novel's title...

Irrashaimase minna!!! We've decided to come up with a novel of our own here. it's still dont have any title yet, but if you guys come up with a good title we will make a vote for it! So sit back and relax, cuz this gonna be a looong post! (novel, d'oh) anyway here i presented you guys, the first CHAPTER~~~~

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1.1 Sugiura Naozumi
The Gradz never sleeps. It is a big city -a country with other satellite cities surrounding it. During 2052, the Home Project on the moon has reached its peak; building permanent residence for half of the Earth’s population, and its people was given a new citizenry. As the result, the name Moon were replaced with Luna, a tribute for one of the Greek gods. Gradz is a solid copy of New York City fused with Tokyo megalopolis with super Plexiglas dome over its sky, serving as an artificial atmosphere. The Sun rise and fall every day, giving its light to shine on the Resonance Solar Array that gave electricity to ten billion populations of the Gradz. One of them is Nao, a freshman in the national college. He woke up with a loud noise from his alarm. 

          "Shit..." He rose from the bed.The morning was bright and the Sun’s ray sliced through the thin white curtains, wisped occasionally from the wind of the air-conditioner. The Gradz’s cloud generator were churning out water vapour from a distance, installing a constant, low hum in the air. Nao grabbed his hydrated breakfast pack from the kitchen machine and grabbed his bike tag from the wall hook. The door to his apartment locked with soft electronic beep and with a metallic click. He then walked down the stairs to the ground floor and out from the building. Quickly, he made his way to his recently modified Ducati, putting his thumb over the scanner. The computer inside instantly recognizes its owner and less than 3 seconds, the engine was running. Nao wore his helmet and gloves and sat on the bike. It wasn’t a ritual but a habit, Nao took a long, deep breath before he twisted the throttle. The engine was no longer run on gasoline, instead it was replaced with an electric one but still powerful that Nao left rubber stench and marks from where he sped off.

The traffic wasn’t awful, but the vehicles wasn’t speeding or stopping. Nao, with his bike slipped between vehicles, drawing warning honking from others. Minutes later, he took an exit from the highway, sped up straight way to the college. The speedometer needle almost reached the highest dial before Nao had to brake. The bike slowed down and entered the college grounds. Nao parked under a small shed and took off his helmet and gloves. He killed the engine, walked straight to the college building. The Gradz National College was the only United Nations-backed educational institute. They always become a test-bed for new educational methods and its scholars were the beta-testers. Nao glanced at his wristwatch, it was Thursday and the time was 8.15 a.m. he got another 15 minutes before his first lecture. 

   He entered the lecture hall, picked a seat at the fifth row from the right. Nao pulled his phone out from his trousers pocket and opened it. There are some ads messages but Nao deleted them all, without bothering to open them, except a couple of messages. The text messages from his parent who was stationed at Amaliea, which once before known as Mars. Nao opened the messages and read them:-

“Hello, Nao. How are you? Hope the credit I’ve sent was enough, but it was the best I could gather at this moment. Things weren’t pretty up here, the temporary government wasn’t any good and the rebels were having good time for heavy provocation. The UN said it will take care of the situation but everyone doubted it since the rebellion. I don’t know-----“

Nao deleted the message and opened another one. The message continues there,

“-----how long I’m going to stay here. Rumours said the rebels are preparing for a war and scraped as many AMS (Armed Mobile Suits) they can get. I can’t say much here, because messages are screened. Take care.”

Nao scrolled down the message and looked at the date the message was sent. ’17 March 2067’. The message was five days back when Nao got it. He deleted the message and closes his phone and slipped it back into his pocket - the lecture was starting and other students already starts to flood the hall. Nao had an empty seat next to his left and only one person would seat at that place -If anyone was asked who was Naozumi, they would shook their head or hunch their shoulders. Nao didn’t speake much or didn’t stands out, that is why everyone seemed to avoid him but not the person that seated next to Nao. She’s persistent, like a tough stain on a plate.

“Good morning, Nao. Did you take your breakfast today?” a voice asked. A girl sat next to him while pushing her chestnut hair back with her finger. Without replying, Nao showed her the empty pack from his sling bag and shoved it back. If it weren’t for her, Nao wouldn’t bother to bring the pack inside the hall, because everyday she would bring something to eat saying it was her cooking. The girl nodded her head and rummaged through her orange bag, taking out her holographic pad for the lecture.

“Did you bring the notes for today?” She asked. With a sigh, Nao took his chin off his hand and looked inside his bag. "Of course I bring it, I’m not that lazy" he said inside his mind. But his palm only felt the pack and several stuff but no pad. Like she was reading his mind, she smiled. “Here, take this.” and gave Nao several sheets of single line papers. Nao looked at her, the paper, and back to her. His hand hesitantly moved to take it, she smiled until her cream coloured teeth showed. Nao pulled the papers to his table and broke his view off her. Nao take a black pen from his bag, ready to write. Without saying anything, Nao turned back to the lecture.

“You’re welcome, Nao” she replied. A small shock caught Nao. He glanced his eyes at her, and met hers. Nao immediately turned back and focused at the lecturer down the hall, speaking through the individual speaker on the students tables. Nao lowered down the volume on his speaker. He took notes and filled the paper with dot forms and mind maps that he only could understand. The paper was almost full with pen ink until suddenly a soft chime filled the hall, a sign that the period was over and the lunch break has begun. Nao quickly shoved all his things inside his bag and prepared to leave, because he only had one lecture today. He rises to his feet when suddenly his path was blocked by the girl.

She wasn’t holding him back or trying to prevent him from going, and Nao waited. She opened her mouth, taking  seconds before a voice came out. “Wait. There’s something I had to tell you” Instantly, anger sparked inside him at that moment, he felt like kicking her out of the way. “I’m busy. I had to go now” Nao growled and moved forward past her, but aburptly stopped again. The girl was tugging his jacket back. “No, I really need to tell you this” she added, “Please, it’s really important”. But Nao wasn’t in the mood and he won’t to listen what she had to say. “I said I’m busy and I have no time for----” He let his words hung in the air; not because he wanted her to think, but he doesn’t know the person’s name he was talking to. The air was silent for a few seconds until she opened her mouth again, she had her chance to say anything, but Nao left her.

1.2 Akai no Aakuma - The Red Devil

Lightning’s flashed in the black clouds, followed with explosive thunders while the winds raged with anger as the wind gods were very upset about a plane flew inside its territory. Rain slapped the windshield like bullets, turbulence shook it like a children shakes its toy. The pilots were struggling with the manual as the autopilot failed to counter the storm’s abusive movements on the plane. In the cabin, the plane carried a single passenger along with three cabin crews. The passenger was a superstar. A superstar with feared notoriety that everyone inside the plane knew including the passenger himself. He has a shoulder-length dark red hair that was tied into a ponytail. Wearing a white suit, he was a middle sized guy. In his coat laid the M12 under the bulge.

The plane suddenly jumped as if it has been hit by a rock. The cabin crews strapped in their seats, sweat trailed their skin while fear showed on their faces, thinking that this will be their last flight. The passenger unbuckled himself from his seat and stands up. A crew saw him and unbuckled herself and walked cautiously to the passenger. Standing behind him, she lowered her head, aware of what the passenger could do to her. A sudden bravery grasped her and she rose her head to look at him at the eye.

“Sir, please stay in your seat,” she gulped saliva accumulated in her mouth like swallowing burning charcoal. He turned to face her and to her surprise, she was looking at a smile. An easy feeling instantly lowered her stress, but it washes down quickly as it comes like water into drain as she was staring down the 10mm muzzle of the M12 pointed at her. ”I think you should stay in your seat” he told her. Sweat was drenched her back and weakly, she walked silently back to her seat, staring at the floor.

Walking to the cockpit, he continuously hold parts of the plane to keep him steady, and unlocked the door. He made quite a noise to get here, but the pilots were too busy to notice the red-haired passenger already inside the cockpit. Slowly, he crouched between them, and make them surprised. “Gentlemen, I believe that we are obviously late. Mind someone tell me why?” the pilots looked among themselves, waiting for any of them to break the silence. The co-pilot gulped. “The storm was delaying us, sir. I’ll expect that we will arrive in 30 minutes, if----“ a soft sound suddenly filled the air inside the cockpit. The co-pilot sat silently in his seat, his body shakes lifelessly as the plane shook. Warm blood froze quickly when in touch with the cold windshield, the killer turned his attention to the pilot.

“Mr Pilot, I heard that Colonel Kashgari was an impatient man. He might shoot us down when we get there or I’ll do it myself, because I can fly this old bucket myself damn well.” The pilot was shaking as his face was drained-out white. He turned back at the instruments and starts to focus, until the killer say again, “Oh, I’ll give you 15 minutes. Good luck” and he closed the cockpit door. He walked back to his seat, produced a cigarette from his coat and within seconds, smoke was puffing out from his mouth. He could felt his body was pressing against the seat and he giggled a bit. 

The pilot was no longer calm. He was desperate, and that’s why he pushed the throttle stick as far it can go. He could hear the engine screaming for power, and the plane jolted. The buzzers and warning lights are in mayhem, and he ignores it. His life was on the edge as he made quick glances at the map. The screen was fuzzy, the storm’s static interfered. But he could see that they were close to their destination, the Cygnus Space Base. He glanced at his watch, he still got 7 minutes to deadline, and another glance to his dead co-pilot. The co-pilot's white uniform was soaked with blood as well as his instruments.

Yukio Junichiro looked through the window at his side; the runway lights started to come into view and disappeared as fast it came. He could sense the landing gear was lowered and the wing’s slats were lowered. A soft chime pinged, signalling to buckle up. The plane continued to descend, and with a thud, the plane touched the runway, the spoilers and the reverse thrust were engaged, together bringing the plane into halt.

The plane taxied on the tarmac, and stopped beside a group of military officers that waited for them. The plane’s door opened and provided stairs for its lone passenger. Yukio Junichiro stepped out from the plane, looking at the sky. It was dark because of the storm and the winds was blowing. Then he turned to the officers and one of them stepped out from the crowd, offered his hand. ”Mr Junichiro, am I correct?” without waiting for Yukio’s answer, “Welcome to Cygnus Base. The colonel was expecting you.”

Yukio smiled and shook his hand, showing a small smile. “I’m sure colonel was very anxious about me.” The officer gestured his hand to a direction, and Yukio tapped the officer’s shoulder. “Please help my pilot clean his cockpit, it’s a mess.” The officer nodded, and sent two soldiers to the aircraft. Yukio stepped into a limousine and was brought to the main building. The building was divided into sections and at every section entrance was a couple of black armour clad soldiers with full face helmet, guarding the entrance. They never saluted or spoke, they just make some space for the people that coming through.

The colonel was sitting behind a large table, the desktop filled with holo pads and data sticks. His room was large; filled with pictures of people and collection of his service medals. He noticed Yukio, immediately came forward, and held out his hand. “I’m so glad you make it, Mr Yukio.” Yukio looked at the hand for a moment, and for professionalism’s sake, he took it. The colonel ushered Yukio’s escort to leave them, and when the door clicked close, he started talking. “Do you know what’s happening right now, Mr Yukio?” he asked. His tone has changed, from a friendly one when he just met him to deep, serious tone. Yukio helped himself to one of the seats inside the room and lighted up a cigarette. “Tensions building between Amaliea and the UN” he replied and puffed a cloud of smoke. Kashgari walked back to his table and started pointing his hand on the top as if he was searching for something. “If we going for a war…” he paused, as he was imagining the real thing, “Amaliea would be probaly finished before she fired her first shot. UN’s AMS was at least five years ahead of us and the Osmolitz and other PMC’s…” he let it hang in the air. Yukio extinguishes the cigarette and stood up. “That’s why I’m here, colonel. I’m the best they got.” Kashgari nodded. He took a holo pad from his table and held it out to Yukio.

1.3  The New AMS

“This is still top secret. The pad will show you brief details of the AMS.” He said. Yukio smiled as his hands reached the pad. In moment’s notice, the room’s door opened and the armour clad soldiers popped out from the door. Colonel looked at them and slowly, he walked to Yukio’s side. “These soldiers will show you the way. Hope you wouldn’t get lost” he said as the soldiers quickly formed a circle around him. As Yukio started to walk out from the room, he stopped for a moment. “Ah…where’s the AMS actually, colonel?” he asked while raised his hand. “At Hangar 5. Ralph will meet you there.” Kashgari replied. The soldiers escorted Yukio until they reached the main door of the building complex.

“I really liked you guys, but I don’t like being boxed.” Yukio said. The soldiers said nothing, and kept on following him. Yukio expected it, that’s what you get from a ghost unit. It’s not that the unit was off the record, it was sewed on their uniform, a purple circle emblem around a white ghost who looked like Casper’s which held a bazooka with a hand. And the only way you could talk to these guys are by showing them what you want, not asking them. Yukio pulled it from his coat and pointed at one of the soldiers, and immediately, half a dozen assault rifle muzzles are pointed at him. “I don’t like being escorted” Yukio made himself clear. The moment became silent, and Yukio waited for their response.

Eventually one of them decided to break the silence because he realized that if this continues, they wouldn’t be going anywhere, and for some reason, Yukio appreciated it, because he was going to pull the trigger, and not just one, he could take them all out if he wanted to. “We have orders to escort you sir.” Yukio stuffed the M12 back into his coat and walked away. “I’m not going to die here. And remember, I’m not some military freak like you guys. A mercenary can do whatever he wants. Got that?” with that said the soldiers leave him alone.

Hangar 5 wasn’t far from the complex and it looked like it made through some battles, but recently furbished as Yukio can smell the odour of new coat of paint in the air. The hangar’s door was closed but its back door was wide open. Without even trying to sneak in, Yukio entered the hangar. From his experiences, those who make and design AMS were old people, always prevent him from doing whatever he liked to the machine, because they consider the machines were like their children.

“You must be Yukio Junichiro right?” a voice called from above. Yukio looked up and saw a figure darkened by the overhead spotlights, forcing him to cover his eye. The figure was a man in his 20’s and wore spectacles. For the first few seconds, he felt relieved that he got a young man to deal with the machine. The man invited him to climb up the scissor lift and when Yukio reached the top, he felt opposite of what he felt just now. When Yukio looked at his eyes, he knew that this man never saw combat, let alone kill anyone.

“I’m Ralph, the technician for this machine” he introduced himself. But Yukio’s attention was not on him anymore but at the 18 meter tall machine next to him. The machine has many angled surface and most of it was painted black with some white. The limbs of the suit were strangely thin and slender, unlike the previous versions of Amaliean Armed Mobile Suit’s that Yukio ever seen were big and bulky. But something attached at the back of the AMS caught his most attention. The propulsion unit lacked nozzles and thrusters of any kind, and it was intriguing for Yukio to ask. “Hey, Ralph. Don’t tell me that…”

 Instantly, Ralph gave the answer. “Yes. This is the 5TH generation of all Amaliea’s AMS. This AMS is still in experimental stage, using Energia as power source. It’s still new, and we only managed to build only one.” Ralph explained. “So, what does it do besides providing propulsion?” Yukio asked, while touching the new machine with amazement. “Well, our findings said it makes the suit stealthy from radar and sensors, and theoretically, the engine does have no time limit of operation.” Ralph explained. Yukio looked at Ralph with a puzzled face. “Huh? Why theoretically?” “Well, like I said, this thing is still experimental” Yukio nodded. He looked at the machine, this wasn’t what he expected, but this was way much better.

Ralph walked next to him and produced a holo pad. “We’re assigned to the Wolf Unit, and Colonel Kashgari needs us to move ASAP.” Yukio turned and moved away to walk back down. “Do whatever you like, Ralph. And first thing first, don’t be so nice to me or I’ll kill you” he warned. As Yukio walked out from the hangar, he pulled out another cigarette and a lighter. A new AMS, and a war was brewing up on this dusty planet, and he was a mercenary. “Jackpot” he muttered.

1.4 The History
           Rathe check his watch. Three hours had passed since the conference started and from the solid door, he can hear curses and arguments of the politicians inside. The Amaliean government still held their ground of not giving the resources to Earth, and it all have something to do with the past. Being a soldier from the United Nations, Rathe’s presence was hated by the citizens of the planet and because of that, he disliked the duty to guard the main door of the Central. Amaliean citizens always filled the square of the Central, waiting for the news. And while at it, their attentions are directed to the UN soldiers guarding the front door. Many of the civilians presents were armed with assortments of weapons, from clubs to rifles. Rathe glanced at his partner at the other side of the door. He nodded and walked to the door’s handle and Rathe did the same. Their shift to guard inside the hall has come.

            Together, they pushed the solid artificial wood door open. With a creak, the door swayed open. To his astonishment, the Amaliean side of chairs was almost empty while the UN is opposite. A pair of soldiers came to them, as Rathe and his partner come were to change shifts. “What happened?” asked Rathe. A soldier looked at Rathe through his blue tinged visor that covered half of his face. “The Amalieans won’t give it. So they went away. Said it was because of the agreement.” Rathe nodded as the pair walked away. 

       The Supply Agreement between Earth and Amaliea was abruptly cut when Amaliea was recently colonized and terraformed. The UN was supposed to supply the new government until it was stable but for unknown reasons, the agreement was cut prematurely.

The result, Amaelia was left with no resource. Economic and political disturbance that engulfed Amaliea for 14 long years, mercenaries activity, and PMC’s along with black market started to arise, as the government slowly collapses. But less than a decade ago, the discovery of uranium halted the depression. It practically revolutionizes Amaliea, electricity and other necessities of a country are quickly filled. But it doesn’t stop there. That’s not the reason why the UN is here. It’s because of something that Amaliean doesn’t want to give.

“Hey, look up.” A voice broke Rathe’s flashback. His partner Neil was pointing his rifle up and had the safety off. Rathe looked at the direction and immediately did the same. An Amaliean members of the Ministry was pointing a gun at one of the UN representatives. And he was obviously angry.

         “Get the hell off this planet! We don’t trust the UN anymore, all of you are rotten liars!” he shouted. Out of rage, he pulled the trigger. A loud bang echoed in the hall and the bullet ricocheted of the metal bar just over the delegates. The hall speaker tried to calm things down, but it was no use when the rest of the hall joins the party. Rathe and Neil rushes up the elevated chairs and formed a protective circle around the representatives.

“Sir, we better leave right now.” Neil advised.  The group nodded. Neil opens a door that leads to their limousines down the wide marble stairs. From there, the people at the square heard the shot and saw them running. The cheer was like a plague among them. Once begin, it spread like rats. They ran after the limousine and patted the windows of the vehicle while shouting their angryness and the laminated glass seemed to break from their tapping. After several minutes, they cleared out from the crowd and head to the airport, where a shuttle waited for them.

Suddenly, one of the representatives got a call. He took out his holo pad and pressed a button on his integrated earpiece. From the look on his face, he doesn’t like what he just heard but before the call end, he patted Rathe’s shoulder. Neil was driving so Rathe turned back to face him. “The High Commissioner wants to talk to you.” And he gave his earpiece to Rathe. Rathe inserted the earpiece and hesitated to push a small button on the pad. Why the hell the High Commissioner want to talk to him? But he brushed the thought away because time wasn’t letting him to.

“Pull all men from Amaliea and meet me at Leonardo, Lieutenant.” The voice of Julian Forsell filled Rathe’s ear. This is too sudden, Rathe thought. “Sir, I’m maybe not the right person for you to talk to” he exclaimed. A small burst of static filled his ear before the HC’s voice comes again. “Yes, Lieutenant. I’m right.” And the tone of dead line filled his ear canal. Rathe took out the earpiece and gave it back. “What is it?” Neil suddenly broke his silence. Rathe told him what he heard and after he was done, Neil nodded. “We maybe get to go home this time Rathe, but not you” he said. Rathe looked at him, puzzled. “Why you say like that?” Neil sighed as he pulled the handbrake as the limousine parked beside the shuttle. “Because I don’t pilot Panzers like you, Rathe.” And he stepped out.

1.5 A Strange Visitor

The black Ducati speeds down the highway while crisscrossing the traffic. It wasn’t peak time, so Nao could cover a lot of road in short time. He tried to focus on the road but the girl was bugging inside his mind. He never gave her the chance to listen what she have to say. Nao felt he has abandoned someone who cared for him but it was necessary. He doesn’t want to get involved in relationship that going to fog him from reality, not after what he saw it had done to his parents.

Nao exited the highway and rode into Side 3, where an apartment building complex was erected. The security computer of the complex caught his Ducati’s plate on one of its camera and ran a checklist inside its database. When it found it's match, the computer raises the gate and Nao sped through. Nao ride his bike into the revolving parking lot inside the building and took the lift to his apartment. When he reached the door, Nao noticed that the door wasn’t closed and was opened a little bit. He carefully crept forward and he felt something under his feet.

Drops of blood trailed into his apartment and Nao was more anxious than worried. He looked closely at the door lock, it wasn’t a forced entry. Somebody with his tag was inside and wounded. Nao slowly pushed the door and walked in slowly. The instinct was to ask but Nao kept it in. He followed the blood trail, and kept his eyes fixed at the floor until he saw a blood soaked bandage and moan of pain lodging inside his ear.

“Wha...what...are you doing here?” Nao asked. He got his voice trembled because of the surprise. In his mind, logic started to fight against coincidences and sweat started to wet his back. He looked around the living room, and then his focus was on the small table at the centre. His first aid kit laid sprawled on the table and the floor and stained by blood. Slowly, his eyes focus back at the source. “I hurt myself to get here. Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch.” Nao quickly came forward. “It’s not a scratch if you’re bleeding like that” and Nao got his hands at the wound. It was shallow gash and the blood around it has started to coagulate. With some iodine and cotton, he swabbed the wound and wrap with bandage as best he can.

Nao picked up the aid box and place it on the table and sat on a couch. He sunk his face inside cupped palms. Sighs and heavy exhalations followed. He rubbed his face several times. “Why are you here?” he asked. Several seconds passed before the reply came. “I was told to get here” through gaps of his finger, Nao looked at her. The girl from before. Millions of questions barfed inside his mind and he would like to know why. It's been a while since she started to bug him at college, but he didn't expect she would show up at his place. Nao stands up and looked at her.

“My name’s Laura.” she said. “I’m told to follow you, Nao.” Nao clicked his tongue, “Oh yeah? Who tell you that?” she looked at her bandaged calf. “I’m sorry I can’t tell you”

“Are you a…some kind of spy or what?” Nao asked. Hearing that, Laura looked at him.

“No! I was told to follow you…everywhere” her face blushed and turned away.  Nao sighed and rubbed his brow. “Look, it’s already late. You should go home.” Nao said while looking at his watch. Laura stood up. “I’m already home.” She pulled a somewhat mischievous smile. Nao rushes to the auxiliary room of his apartment and opened the door so hard that it almost broke. Suddenly, avalanche of clothes and house items buried Nao, who managed to let out a cry of surprise.

“I already had my stuff moved here” Laura smiled. She walked to the hump and lifted the top. Nao’s head popped out with another sigh. He moved his body like a dog shaking itself when wet and got freedom. “Fine. Make yourself at home.” Nao said and rushes to the door and Laura straightway pulled his jacket. “Where are you going?” Annoyed, Nao tugged his jacket off her. “None of your business.” As soon he left, the door locked back. Laura stood there for several seconds, quietly. Then, through the window, she saw a black figure racing to the road outside the complex.

“Who’s going to clean the mess up?” she muttered...

END OF PHASE ONE (psst... dont forget to comment! :D)

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