Saturday, May 5, 2012

PHASE 00 - Prologue

The prolouge is here minna (everyone)! In this chapter we will explain what was going on actually what happened back at 2043! like and comments!!! ^-^

Prologue - The Beginning

The year was 2043, the Earth had depleted from all its fossil fuels, except uranium. The little of what’s left available on Earth skyrocketed after the Sahara meteorite incident. The news about the strange behavior of a meteor sighting, slowing down before impact quickly sunk by the discovery of the Tibet-sized meteorite. The meteorite was made from entirely different kind of uranium that quickly revives the human population from energy deprivation.

Along with renewable sources, the crisis was evaded, but another came, overpopulation. The concept of countries are long gone, now replaced with United Nations made science fiction a reality, transforming the lifeless Moon into permanent human settlement, named Home Project. Using the technology from building space elevators, the RSA was build. A ring that encircles the Moon, provided almost infinite energy from the Sun. it was the beginning of space colonization.

After the Moon, UN’s next target was Mars. But, they have made a grave mistake. They tried the same thing they did on the Moon, but there’s not enough sunlight. Nearly a third of people from Earth had made their homes on Mars, and lack of energy was sipping their lives away. The UN tried building semi-permanent nuclear power stations to hold while thinking of another solution. But it was all in vain.

So they secretly exiled Amaliea, the renamed Mars. They stopped flinging vital materials like food and medicine using magnetic accelerators and ultimately leaving Amaliea engulfed in famine and plagues. Civil wars erupted around the planet, fighting for food and other things just to stay alive. But after several years of bloodshed, the wars ceased.

The Earth has stopped communications with Amaliea since their exile, and knew nothing about this -A Mongolian who worked as a miner accidentally struck something that started a revolution for Amaliea. Appeared mostly in emerald green or white, the Russian-tongued Mongolian called the mineral Energia, Russian for energy. Altogether it provided almost everything, from enormous controlled, pure energy to essential medical supplies. It also worked as high performance food fertilizer.

With power in their arms, some of the highly influenced people of the Amaliea started planning revenge. Among the first residents still remembered what the UN did to them, crystal clear, and the Energia still have more potential yet to be unlocked as more colours are discovered.

Now, the Amaliean rigorously developed new technologies and developing with one aim to reach. Revenge. Fueled by hatred and rage burned inside every Amaliean. The feelings that will topple other’s fake peace and trigger the biggest clash in human history…

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